Saturday, 6 November 2021

Gold Mine Chinatown

 Chinese BBQ kingdom

BBQ trio, soy chicken, duck and char siu

A typical Chinese restaurant's menu is big and easily can have more than 100 dishes, ranging from dim sum, starters, mains, to rice and noodles dishes. It is hard to decide what you would go for and when a restaurant has such a big menu, it is hard for the chef team to really master every single dish. Gold Mine in China has a big menu just like many other classic Chinese restaurants in the UK, but having been there 4 times now, the quality across the board is great and they have the rare ability that does really good dim sum, as well as small chow dishes and the infamous Cantonese BBQ meat. 

Wok-fried beef noodles

Lamb and tofu sheet clay pot

While Four Seasons has a reputation of turning out excellent roasted duck, I found Gold Mine's version to be superior. I ordered the BBQ trio which contained duck, soy chicken and char siu, and they were by the greatest I have experienced in Chinatown London. The duck was very tender, juicy and the skin was marinated just at the right level, with a comforting savoury sweet taste. The soy chicken was also moist and poached to the perfect level, with a lovely sweet soy glaze clothed the surface evenly. The beef rice noodles had a great wok aroma, and well the beef was well seasoned and nicely colored, it was a classic dish done just the way it should be. 

Morning glory and oyster sauce

Peking ribs

After my dim sum lunch visit not long ago, Gold Mine delivered another comforting Cantonese meal but in a totally different manner, dishes that are considered to be more for a dinner occasion. None of the dishes from Gold Mine are creative or fusion, just traditional Cantonese dishes done properly. I would not say everything was perfect, but it doesn't need to be, for the price tag for the food I had, it was really good value for money and whenever I would like a meal at Chinatown, Gold Mine would be high on my first choice list.

Food 3/5

What I paid: 

£35 per person with tea

Average cost without drinks and services:

45 Wardour St, London W1D 6PZ

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