Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Diaoyuweng Roasted Goose And Seafood Restaurant

All about the roast goose

As its name suggested, Diaoyuweng Roasted Goose and Seafood Restaurant in Kwun Tong inside the ever popular shopping district is a roast goose and seafood specialist. The signature roast goose are cooked to order and it has its own curing room unlike many places that are delivered from elsewhere. This is actually my second visit as I was in love with its roasted goose at my first visit.

Diaoyuweng's decor
curing room

To begin we had the suckling pig, the skin was very crispy with a fine layer of soft and savoury meat under leaf, but at about £15 for under 10 slices of meat, I just found it not really value for money considering I had better quality suckling pig at a better price from Xin Dau Ji. However, the house special roast goose was indeed very special, top quality roast goose is hard to come by these days but Diaoyuweng nailed it spot on, the meat was so tender and earthy with a lovely seasoning, the skin itself was sweet and crisp with a fine balance of fat, it was as good as I remembered it from my first visit and I just couldn't get enough of it.

sucking pig
roasted goose

Steamed grouper was freshly cooked and was still alive moments before living in the restaurant's water tank. The fish was moist and smooth, lovely aroma from the ginger and soy sauce, sweet and delicate as you would hope from the Chinese classic steaming fish method. Chinese spinach with conpoy was also done at a quality standard, plenty of savoury conpoy on top of lovely fresh spinach. 

steamed grouper
Chinese spinach with conpoy

Overall it was a solid dinner and the Chinese style roast goose is the best I've tasted so far in my life, while other dishes are at a decent level, the roast goose was just a pure treat. Not a very well known place to tourists and even the locals living outside Kwun Tong which is bit of a surprise considering the roasted goose was so exceptional, that alone is enough to get me back to Diaoyuweng in the future.

Food 6.5
Service 5
Ambience 6
Value 6

£23 per head with tea

5/F, Crocodile Center, 79 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong


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