Monday, 10 February 2014

Tommi's Burger Joint

Hipster from Iceland 

One of my new year resolutions was not to consume any burgers for at least a few months, well it didn't take long to break my own promise as I visited Tommi's burger joint toward the end of January. I have walked passed Tommi's Burger Joint so many times, but for one reason or another, I never managed to give it a try so it was about time to visit this hip burger joint that originates from Iceland.
Tommi's Burger Joint

I tired out the "offer of the century", basically their meal deal which contains their house burger, chips and a drink. I found the burger was just a little too small considering the price tag (£10.50 with cheese), freshly done and served medium, the meat was well seasoned and very moist with the mustard particularly standing out. I also got my hands on their steak burger too but I wasn't impressed with it at all, I could definitely taste the steak texture but it lacked any kind of flavours, in fact I enjoyed the normal burger far more, and at £8.90, it was not really value for money at all.
burger and chip
steak burger

All in all it wasn't anything really special, the burgers were fine but lacked any edge if I was to compare to the likes of Dirty Burger and Honest Burger. Also from a price point of view, the portion was just too small, however the staff was very friendly and professional which was a real big plus, if you are in the area and in need for something quick, by all means Tommi's Burger joint isn't a bad shout as they are very fast at serving up their orders.

Food 3
Service 5
Ambience 4
Value 4

£10 per head

 30 Thayer St, London W1U 2QP

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