Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Franco Manca


I've fallen in love with Franco Manca after having eaten at the Chiswick branch last year, the dough was fresh and soft with quality ingredients, on top of that service was also outstanding considering that it is just a pizza joint. I stopped by Franco Manca in Westfield after some shopping, hoping to get another taste of their wonderful pizza. 

Franco Manca Westfield

Unlike the Chiswick branch, here in Westfield is in a food court, you order your food and collect your food like you would in a fast food joint. Not a problem for me as long if the food is good but they totally failed on every aspect... I ordered exactly the same pizzas I have had before, Gloucester old spot ham, mozzarella, buffalo ricotta, wild mushrooms pizza had hardly any topping on top which I found was rather a ripoff. The Wild broccoli, mozzarella, Gloucester old spot hand sliced sausage pizza was overly baked with burnt bits all over the show, the broccoli was so overly cooked all I could tasted was bitterness, the whole pizza tasted like some students who left their supermarket pizza in the oven for far too long.

where are my toppings?
101 error....

It wasn't a great pizza experience at all, I understand that it is operating within a food court, but still.... so many basic errors. I was just shocked how bad it was, and it clearly doesn't do the brand's image any favours, hopefully they can step up a gear and produce the high standard Franco Manca as it is known in the future. 

Food 2

Service 3
Ambience 2
Value 3

£9 per head with a soft drink

Westfield Shopping Centre Stratford, UK E20 1EJ

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