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Tai Fung Lau Peking Restaurant

Quality Beijing cuisine in Hong Kong

Tai Fung Peking Restaurant is bit of a household name in Hong Kong, famous for its Chinese cuisine in Beijing style which is not so common in Hong Kong. It is famous for its sliced poached lamb in its specially designed hot pot with a long tube in the middle from northern China as well as signature Beijing dishes. We visited as a group of four seeking some authentic Beijing cuisine and Tai Fung Lau really delivered.
Tai Fung Lau Peking Restaurant

To kicked off a taste of Beijing we started off with a street food classic baked sesame cake with diced pork and pickled vegetable, the sesame cake was baked to perfection, very thin layers with the sesame not overly cooked. Stuffing it with the diced pork and pickled vegetable was just such a treat. This was followed by a cold cut platter of Chinese ham, beef shank, pig trotter and jelly fish. Pig trotter particularly stood out with that multi layered texture of thin meat and joint. 

baked sesame cake with diced pork
and pickled 
cold cut platter
Braised bamboo shoot and black mushroom

Let down of the evening was the sweet and sour fish fillet, while the flavour was well balance, there was just far too much corn flour on the fish fillet which was not very pleasant. The house special Pecking duck however was of a very high standard, sliced with a thin layer of meat attached which offered a greater balance of texture to the usual style when you only get the skin. It was earthy with a lovely sweet and crispy skin, some of the finest Peking duck I've had in a very long time. Beijing style grilled lamb was also outstanding, great seasoning with lovely smoky aroma. the meat was very moist and dipping it the chilli sauces was a pure sensation.

sweet and sour fish fillet
Pecking duck
Beijing style grilled lamb

Overall I really enjoyed my dinner at Tai Fung Lau, it really managed to showcase some great Beijing classics and the duck and lamb was really something special and I would love to get another taste of that in the near future. For such a bargain price you are getting very good quality cooking and I was actually shocked that the bill was that cheap. I would say the downside about the place is it is rather dull and dated but then again I am not bothered considering I am getting great authentic food at an outstanding value.

Food 7

Service 5
Ambience 3
Value 9

£14 per head with tea

29-31 Chatham Rd, Windsor Mansion, Tsim Sha Tsui

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