Wednesday 16 August 2017

Cervejaria Ramiro

Seafood heaven

Giant red shrimps

As Lisbon is surrounded by fishing villages nearby, seafood doesn't come short in supply, and if you ask a local to suggest a seafood restaurant, most will recommend Cervejaria Ramiro. It started off as a beer house back in 1956 and has since developed into a well regarded seafood joint. The restaurant offer an iPad menu in multi-languages as some of their English are limited, we ordered a large selection of seafood, from langoustine to lobster. Basically it was a seafood feast. Be aware as this is an extremely popular place and it doesn't take booking, try to arrive early or you might will need to wait for over an hour. 


We started off with dressed crab, the white meat had some very clean and sweet taste while the brown meat offered a fine contrast of pleasant robust bitter flavour, which went nicely with the given buttered toast. Giant red shrimp, a highly regarded Mediterranean specialty was cooked to perfection, the meat was so sweet and the shrimp head packed with some powerful, rich earthy and creamy flavours, it was truly stunning. That was followed by some giant grill tiger prawns, the combination of garlic and smokiness was an instant winner, it was finely seasoned without taking over the fresh taste of the prawns. 

Giant king prawns

I have got nothing but love for Cervejaria Ramiro, this restaurant has given me the best seafood meal ever in my life and it is hard to top that. All the seafood was fresh and cooked perfectly, while it might look simple, the timing and seasoning were done expertly which was not something that can be easily done. A matter of few seconds can make a big difference when you are cooking seafood. This place is also amazing in terms of value for money, you will not find anything close in both taste and cost back in the UK. To sum it up, exceptional seafood joint at exceptional value, a must go for any seafood lovers.

Food 4/5

What I paid: 

£35 per head with beer

Average cost without drinks and services:


Av. Almirante Reis nÂș1 - H, 1150-007 Lisboa, Portugal

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