Saturday 5 August 2017

Neo Bistro

Far more than just a bistro

Cornish crab with courgette, confit lemon

Woodstock street of Oxford Street has always been known to be surrounded by tourist trap restaurants, but that is not the case with the newly launched Neo Bistro. Founded by Anglo's Mark Jarvis and Alex Harper, ex-head chef at the former Michelin starred The Harwood Arm pub, you can already see star quality written all over it. It has a short a la carte menu along with a tasting menu, modern European style but dressed up in a rather simple format, but of course, using top notch local ingredients. I would suggest trying the tasting menu as it pretty much cover everything from the a la carte menu and the cost between the two aren't that great.

Venison chorizo and cured Tamworth pork
Beetroot with duck and cherries
Sea trout, fine herbs and elderflowers

The meal kicked off with some cured meat and sourdough bread, and I was an instant fan of the venison chorizo, the combination of smokiness and earthiness really got my taste-bud tickled. The Cornish crab starter had a summer vibe written all over it, the sweetness of the crab meat worked like a treat with the coolness of the courgette, and it finished off with a refreshing hint of citrus tone. I had nothing but love for the Herdwick lamb main, it cut like butter with a delightful seducing aroma, the clever use of smoked eel within the dish acted as a seasoning which went extremely well with the moist meat, it was simply sensational. 

Herdwick lamb, smoked eel, turnip
Veal rump, runner beans, peach
Selection of ‘La Fromagerie’ cheese
Chocolate and malt

What a fabulous discovery Neo Bistro was, the quality of the cooking was outstanding and I think it was safe to say that it was easily the best restaurant in that area. The service on the day was also top class, very friendly and always engaged with all customers with a heartwarming smile. Great food, charming service, plus the very positive reviews it was slowly gathering from national media, Neo Bistro could well become one of the best restaurant opening in town this year. Personally I would 100% go back some point later as the value for money factor is hard to beat.   

Food 4/5

What I paid: 

£44 per head with beer

Average cost without drinks and services:

£35 lunch tasting menu
£42 dinner tasting menu

11 Woodstock St, Mayfair, London W1C 2AE

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