Wednesday 16 August 2017

Temper City

Indian BBQ

Dry goat curry

Temper City is the second BBQ concept from Neil Rankin. I have been a fan of Neil Rankin for a while, from the Smokehouse days to his first Temper restaurant ,when it was launched in 2016. Temper City is nothing like the first Temper in Soho however, the Soho site focus on South American theme with tacos and tortillas, while the brand new City site is all about Indian BBQ, with curry and tandoori taking central stage. I was really interested to see how Neil's BBQ and open fire pit style of cooking can apply to one of the most loved world cuisine in the world.

Lamb skewers
Tandoori Chicken

The curry plate came in a rather spectacular manner, a giant plate that was filled with a range of garnishes, from pickles, chilli, potato to coconut dust. The smoke duck masala packed a punch with some hot and powerful spices that blended in nicely with the smoky taste of the duck. The dry goat curry on the other hand, was perfect together with the paratha with that mellow and sweet aromatic taste. I think I have found the best kebab, aka Temper's Kimchi lamb skewers, finely seasoned with a fine balance of spiciness and sweetness, I could do another dish of those.
Smoked duck masala

Temper City was an interesting encounter, it was nothing like your typical Indian offering. I found Temper City had an extra kick and robustness compared to classic Indian dishes, thanks to its BBQ element that added another layer of richness. Personally I enjoyed Temper Soho a touch more as I prefer my food less spicy, to be able to fully explore the true flavours of the food. But for any spicy food lovers out there, I think Temper City is well worth a visit.

Food 3.5/5

Executive chef: 

Neil Rankin

What I paid: 
£24 (soft launch offer)

Average cost without drinks and services:


30 Throgmorton St, London EC2R 7HJ

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