Saturday, 15 August 2020

The Five Fields

Cozy and elegant Britsih fine dining 

Roe Deer, Courgette and Blueberry

The COVID 19 shitstorm has really impacted the restaurant industry, as many restaurants are still shut and some have already closed for good, I know that I better pay a visit to some of my favorite restaurants in London as I might not have a chance in the near future. The Five Fields is high on my to return list. The 1 Michelin starred restaurant championed British ingredients and present it in a really beautiful and refined way. I have eaten there two times before and I always feel it is one of the prime candidates to be promoted to 2 stars level. For my 3rd visit, the restaurant removed a la carte and reduced to only serving a single tasting menu, just like many other fine dining restaurants across London.

Vegetable consomme
Pea and Oyster
Foie Gras Cherry and Tarragon
Tomato, Lobster and Chard

The foie gras and beetroot dish from the tasting menu was very similar to the beetroot dish I had from 2019, but not for the better. While it looked beautiful, it lacked any spark and the beetroot element wasn't as integrated as it was from the 2019's version. The lobster and tomato dish is what high-class summer dish is all about, the native lobster was cooked perfectly, with the dill and chard garnishes offered an extra touch of freshness, it was sensational. I was also a big fan of the roasted sweetbread, it had just enough crispness on the surface, and the texture within wasn't too creamy and packed with lovely umami taste, with an earthy undertone, the flavour harmony of the dish was wonderful. The deer dish was a little under-seasoned for me, but the combination of the ingredients was spot on with the use of summer berries and courgette.

Girolles ,Turbot and Chicken

Sweetbread, Carrot and Coffee
Elderflower Woodruff and Cherry
Fig Leaf Gooseberry and Sheep's Yoghurt

The meal was without a doubt at a really high level (totally 1-star quality), but it was a little weaker if I compare it directly to my 2019 visit. Some little issues but nothing major, I wonder if COVID 19 had an impact with reduce staff level. Having said that, I will always have a soft spot for The Five Fields, not it only produces top-level, refined British cooking, but the service is also just as good, and the small but cozy dining room does give it a charming club vibe, which all truly reflect how top-level British fine dining should be. I will return again for sure, as I do rate it as one of the top 5 fine dining London restaurants.

Food 4/5

Average cost without drinks and services:

8-9 Blacklands Terrace, Chelsea, London SW3 2SP

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