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Refined Basque cuisine with a stunning view


This is my second visit to Akelare, one of the most celebrated restaurants in San Sebastian, with 3 Michelin stars and part of the Relais and Chateaux association, meaning it guarantees a very special experience. The menu hasn't actually changed much vs my first visit from about 5 years ago, I came here for the state of the art service and its unique offering: A stunning seaside view overlooking the Biscay sea, not many places can rival its beautiful setting. The restaurant has now also added a terrace, great for a drink or something a bit more casual if a full-on tasting menu is not your cup of tea. As that is the only offering from the main restaurant.


Prawns and Green Beans on Orujo fire and Sea Roe

Grilled Oyster with Oyster Sauce. Iberico Pork Tails Terrine

Tubers in Herbal Infusion

Rice with Red Prawns Coral and its Carpaccio

Garden Vegetables and Lobster Salad

Pan-seared foie-Gras with “salt Flakes and Pepper Grains”

Kokotxa, Pumpkin Seeds emulsion

The red prawn rice was like a shellfish umami bomb, the rice was mixed with prawn roe before laying on top of some thinly sliced red prawns carpaccio, it was a rich dish with a hint of lovely sweetness to it. The k
okotxa was well seasoned, soft, and served with a smooth pumpkin seeds emulsion to offered a sweet spices tone, with the side of garlic and parsley bread offered a freshness to the finish. The steamed hake was very moist, the addition of seaweed and oyster leaves further enhanced the flavour of the sea and acted as a lovely seasoning. The grilled Iberian Presa was tender, cooked perfectly, as was the classic pepper and garlic garnishes. This was a classic flavour combination done in a really refined way.

Hake in Seaweed steam with Plankton and Oyster Leaves

Seabass and goose barnacle

Risotto-like Squid, Butter Blossom

Mimetic Octopus

Pigeon Royale with “Morokil”

Grilled Iberian “Presa”, Pepper Seeds and Garlic Risotto

Sheep’s Milk Dessert

“Xaxu” with foamy Coconut Ice Cream

Overall, the food quality was more or less the same as what I have encountered before. Mostly traditional flavours but presented in a stylish modern way, with some innovative elements in between. If judging food quality alone, I personally prefer Martín Berasategui which is another 3 stars restaurant in San Sebastian, and my top pick in the whole of Europe. What Akelare however has with the edge is the dream-like view, almost like paradise when is on a sunny day. The service is also outstanding without being overly formal, this is indeed a great place for a special occasion.


Food 4.5/5

What I paid: 

280 Euro per person with wine

Average cost without drinks and services:
240 Euro

paseo del Padre Orcolaga 56 (barrio de Igueldo), 20008 Donostia-San Sebastián

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