Sunday 14 January 2024

The Ledbury

Still my no 1 choice in London

Trout, yuzu, orange

By the end of 2023, I have managed to try most of the Michelin-starred restaurants across London, some with multiple visits. Sadly, I found London fine dining has peaked and the quality in fact is going backward, there are not a great deal of new openings that really caught my eye since 2020. So I always end up going back to old joints that I know would keep on delivering the goods, and The Ledbury is the one that I rate as the best in London. For my 23rd visit over lunch, I opted for the long tasting menu as usual.

Scallop and artichoke

mackerel, ginger, dashi

Egg, black garlic and trampette mushrooms

Seabass, radish, brown butter, caviar

The trout tartare was one of the stand-out dishes of the day. Fresh with interesting flavours from the yuzu and dashi, it worked perfectly as a cold starter. Wild seabass was a dish packed with powerful umami flavour. The fish itself was cooked just right, very flaky and moist. The brown butter and caviar added depth of richness to take the dish to another level, what is not to love. The meat course of the day was a Chinese water deer loin, the meat was as tender as you can get for a deer dish, it came with a lovely bone marrow and peppercorn sauce, bold and flavorsome, just exceptional.

Mushrooms, potatoes, yeast

Deer, bone marrow, tongue and pumpkin

Miso and chocolate

White truffle on malt ice cream

What I really like about The Ledbury is that while it is not the most technical restaurant or has the best presentation in London. Flavour wise it is the best for me. For me, it offers the best value for money when I compare it to any other 2 to 3 stars venues in London. In fact, I would the food quality is just as good, if not better than any London 3 stars. Put the star's drama aside, The Ledbury is just a bloody good place to eat when I seek a special occasion, 11 years later, it is still my no 1 spot.

Food 5/5

Executive chef: 

Brett Graham

Average cost without drinks and services:

Tasting menu: £195 (lunch)

27 Ledbury Rd, London W11 2AQ

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