Friday, 22 November 2013


Movember November

Byron, one of the pioneers that kicked off the London gourmet burger trend shows no sign of slowing down with expansion opening across the UK.  I always enjoyed Byron's burgers, their monthly special has always been really appealing and I was so sad when I missed out the Le Smoky special from October. 
Movember time!

I went for the 
Movember monthly special "Mo 'Shroom", a fun concept with flat cut mushroom and bacon with a medium cooked beef patty. The meat was solid as expected, using premium beef with great seasoning. The mushroom and bacon turned out to be a winning combination with a nice mixture of soft and crispy textures. The onion rings at Byron are also a treat with a lovely salt and pepper batter. The French fries were a little weak however, the texture could have been better as they were a little soggy and lacked flavours.
Mo Shroom
Onion rings and fries

Byron in my view is one of the best restaurant chain businesses in the UK, the ever reliable burgers along with solid service and modern decor proves to be a real winner, with an ever expanding business, yet retaining a great level of consistency. Byron is a great benchmark of premium burgers and it is one of those places I would be more than happy to visit every once in a while.

Food 5

Service 5
Ambience 5
Value 7

£15 per head with a beer

various locations

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