Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Monkey Shoulder

Flipping popcorn fun

Monkey Shoulder has always been an interesting whisky for me, one of the few rare blended malt whiskys in the world, three malt whiskys blended from the world renown Glenfiddich, prestige Balvenie and single malt from the Kininvie distillery. Due to the special triple malt contents, Monkey Shoulder has a very unique tasting profile that really stands out from other Scotch whisky. Therefore it is such a good whisky for innovative cocktail creations, and when Tom Walker from one of the most iconic venues in the history of cocktails: The Savoy Hotel, created the "Popcorn Flip" base on a traditional "Flip" cocktail, it was so good that a special celebration was required...
Giant popcorns!

In celebrating the creation of a modern classic, Monkey Shoulder hosted a special popup event, "For One Night only Popcorn Flip" at the Shoreditch Studios. Monkey Shoulder has really taken the popcorn concept on board and managed to have popcorn just about everywhere inside the studio, with a live dj, a popcorn counter, three cocktail bars, a cocktail workshop and wait for it..... a popcorn  filled bouncy castle! 
main bar
Old Fashioned
popcorn pool
bouncy castle
popcorn popcorn popcorn....

As soon as we entered the studio, we were greeted with popcorn cannon in the face, to truly get stuck into the popcorn experience. After I managed to get a taste of The "Popcorn Flip", I was immediately impressed by the great depth of flavours and the pleasantness to it. The spices and oaky notes from the whisky beautifully cut through the creamy batter, very well balanced and not overly thick, what a wonderful creation!
bartenders in action
serving the Popcorn Flip
Popcorn Flip

We then headed off to the cocktail workshop, Monkey Shoulder's DIY drinks kitchen, where experienced bartenders guided us on how to create some classic whisky cocktails, I got my hands dirty to create a Boulevardier, with Campari and sweet vermouth in the mix, it was much easier than I expected, the sweet and bitter after taste really got my taste buds lingering and I can see it can work as an ideal alternative aperitif drink to the usual, such as Negroni or Aperol Spritz. Afterwards we spend some time "let loose" in the bouncy castle with popcorn raining all over the show before an "Old Fashioned" cocktail to finish off a memorable evening.
DIY Kitchen
Boulevardier in the making
my creation!

It was really an unforgettable experience, it is always good to see brands coming up with fun, unique and engaging events instead of just throwing random parties in posh clubs. The whole cocktail trend is ever developing, something that Monkey Shoulder clearly has taken on board with an innovative twist and fantasy element. The whole popcorn idea was just so wild and surreal, hats off to the team for such a brilliant concept as they managed to pull it off in style, now I wonder what they will come up with next.... 

Monkey Shoulder tasting notes:

Nose: Cloves and nutmeg with malt notes in the mix.
Taste and Finish: Peppery and summer berries with a medium spices finish.

Great depth of malt notes, good balance of fruitiness and spiciness, also a hint of sharpness which is well suited for any whisky base cocktails.

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