Thursday, 14 November 2013

Honest Burger

Honestly fabulous

For people who have been reading my blog regularly they would know I am a big fan of Honest Burger, it is known for its premium quality meat, soft bun, good balance of garnish and of course, the legendary chips. To fix my burger addition I visited the Soho joint on a Sunday evening to get my hands on those wonderful juicy burgers one more time.

We ordered the special burger off the board and the mighty federation burger to share between us. Honest Burger releases a monthly special  burger each month and this time around it was a burger that contained beef and black pudding patty, apple tempura, tarragon and caper mayonnaise. A mixture of flavours from the far east and the old world presented in an American way! The sweet apple tempura offset the robust and rich flavours from the beef and black pudding, very powerful in taste with the aniseed aroma from the tarragon which gave it a soft French touch.
monthly special: beef and black pudding patty,
apple tempura, tarragon and caper mayonnaise

The federation burger was a real beast, it was basically their house burger but double the patty, cheese and bacon! I had it medium rare, the meat was seasoned to the perfect level, really rich in taste and moist. The bacon was crispy and not overly salty and along its melted cheddar cheese and onion relish, it struck a wonderful and sweet, powerful and well rounded flavour, a very joyful meaty experience! Oh, and how can we forget the rosemary chips? Brilliantly seasoned with salt and rosemary, lovely savoury and earthy flavours means you can't enough of it.
the federation burger
The federation burger medium rare

Honest Burger continues to deliver top quality burgers in London, and for me, the best burgers I've encountered in the UK. It has everything I seek for a fine burger and not even the Hawksmoor burgers can match it. The only small issue I had on my visit was the lack of attention of staff which took forever to get our bill paid and the table next to us had the same issue. That aside, I am pleased to see my favourite burger joints expanding and now you can experience their wonderful burgers in Brixton, Soho, Camden and Notting Hill, try it if you haven't already, this is British burgers at their best.

Food 6
Service 3
Ambience 3
Value 9

£13 per head

4a Meard St, London W1F 0EF

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