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Meat Mission

Meaty mission

From the same people behind the trendy burger joints in Meat Liquor and Meat Market, Meat Mission in Hoxton is a trendy burger joint in a colourful church setting with a "Shoreditch" touch that attracts the young and fashionable crowds. The real big plus about this place compared to other Meat joints is that they take bookings here so it is pretty rare to see the mad queue you would often witness at Meat Liquor.
Meat Mission

First I'd like to give a special mention to its cocktail menu, they must have employed someone with bags of cocktail experience, a good list of classic with a modern touch and some very interesting contemporary creations. The Tipping the Velvet, a long drink with cognac, using lemon juice as the sour agent, good fruity notes from the berries and merlot and sweeten by palm sugar, good balance of refreshing flavours. The "Space Gin Smash", another refreshing and easy going cocktail using gin, lemon juice, sugar, apple juice, elderflower cordial and mint. It was well mixed and the quality can rivial some of the dedicated cocktail bars in London.
Tipping the Velvet & Space Gin Smash

To the food, we had the bingo wings and hippie chix as our starters. The wings were cooked in house made hot pepper sauce and it was just a little too hot for my limit! But it had great spicy flavours and was well marinated. The battered hippie chix chicken fillets was lovely on the other hand, not overly dry and still tender in the middle, really joyful with the hippy sauce that came with it. Their trademark dish, The Dead Hippies burger was a real mouthful. Really juicy and the meat was full of richness with good balance of fresh salad within. But the Peckham dip was a bit of a let down, the roast beef didn't really have any flavour within and the fried onion totally over powered it. Without the bone marrow gravy it would have been a very tasteless roll.
 Dead Hippies burger and all the goodness
bingo wings and hippie chix
Peckham dip

In terms of quality I found the food level was similar to the flagship joint Meat liquor and much better than Meat Market, the style of the burgers here are very different to my favourite burger place in Honest Burger. Here in Meat Mission the burgers are much more heavy on the garnish and sauce in a similar fashion to the American burgers. If you like your burgers bold and heavy on the toppings, Meat Mission is an ideal place for you, plus you've got all the amazing bars around it to give you another reason to go!

Food 4.5

Service 5
Ambience 7
Value 6

£24 per head

13-15 Hoxton Market London, N1 6HG

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