Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Mamita Que Chorizo

A gourmet sandwiches experience

I love sandwiches, and everything just tastes so much better wrapped in bread, so when I was informed that there was a new pop up sandwich joint that served quality sandwiches using premium meat in the mood of a South American style. I was very keen to test it out after being invited by the restaurant, the whole idea just sounded very inviting and offered something different to the never ending burger trend. Mamita Que Chorizo currently only opens Thursday to Saturday after 6pm and operates a BYOC policy.

For a starter, we kicked off with an South American classic: Empanadas, deep fried pastries with cheese and meat fillings. The pastries themselves were thin and not overly crispy, it sealed the well seasoned minced meat and all the meat juices perfectly, it was settled in taste with no trace of greasiness, some very good pastry work there. Their special churrasco fries was an interesting twist on a traditional classic, serving sliced grilled beef and onion on top of fries, the meat had so many powerful flavours and it almost acted like a semi solid form of roasting jus on top of the fries.
churrasco fries

The house special: Steak sandwich, using prime bavette steak was a delight. The steak was well cooked and had good robust and meaty flavours, the chimichurri sauce had a real richness with good depth of freshness and spiciness which worked wonderfully with the steak, to top if off the red piquillo pepper and wild rocket added a bit of softness and coolness to the sandwich, a really well constructed sandwich. The Pork brioche was also outstanding, juicy sliced spiced pork shoulder, top notch seasoning with that lovely spicy aroma really coming through along with the mustard mayo. The pickled red cabbage and baby spinach added a nice sweet and bitter texture, all the flavours combined brilliantly. To finish off we had a home made bread and butter pudding with ice cream, the balance of sweetness and texture was spot on, creamy but not overly rich, I was really impressed by it.

Steak sandwich
Pork brioche
Bread and butter pudding

All in all it was a great discovery, it was something that seemed simple but was well executed. Good use of premium cuts of meat and well presented in a casual manner with a South American touch, totally delivering in flavours and what a refreshing and welcoming concept it is, given time I see no reason why it can't thrill and becomes one of the next hot trends in the ever changing London food scene.

Food 6

Service 7
Ambience 3
Value 7

22 Rivington St London, UK EC2A 3DY


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