Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Meat Liquor

Triple chilli challenge

My second visit to Meat Liquor, one of the most successful UK burger joints. Meat Liquor is known for its legendary Dead Hippies burgers and the infamous long queue. It is normal for you to have to wait at least an hour to get in to this hip place which looks more like a night club than a burger joint with the neon lights setting and a bouncer at the front. This time around I took my friends to enter their deadly triple chilli challenge.

What is triple chilli challenge? Well basically you have to "down" a green chilli pepper burger, a chilli dog and a massive plate of chilli cheese fries all under 10 minutes to complete this crazy challenge. By no means it is as mental as the thing you see on "Men vs Food" but still any normal human being would find it close to impossible to finish a massive tray of food in so little time, and what really surprised me was the current record is 2:37 minutes, how is that humanly possible??
triple chilli challenge
Can you handle the heat?

While I watched my friends taking on the challenge I ordered a whiskey cocktail "My Big Fat Greek Derby", with lemon, honey, apple and apricots. Very approachable and easy sipping but you can still taste the lovely oaky and vanilla notes from the whisky, good stuff. For food I ordered a cheese fries with onions which I wasn't impressed with as it arrived a little cold and the cheese was starting to go solid. The ever reliable Dead Hippies however still managed to deliver, medium pink inside, lovely meaty flavour and well seasoned.
My Big Fat Greek Derby
Dead Hippies and cheese fries
Dead Hippies

In the end both of my friends failed the challenge (too bad the place doesn't take a picture of them and put it on the wall of shame!). But seriously, the portion was massive and the fries were the real killer, the chilli didn't seem to bother them, it was more the volume that really made them struggle especially given so little time. if you can handle the heat, and feel like you can eat like a whale, then I suggest you to test yourself here to see if you have got what is takes to defeat the mighty triple chilli challenge. (You also take on the challenge at Meat Mission.)

Food 4.5
Service 5
Ambience 7
Value 5

£23 per head (if you fail the challenge)

74 Welbeck St, London W1G 0BA


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  1. ;) I need to make a post with my friend completing the challenge

    1. Your friend is hardcore lol, unlike mine! Hat off to him:)