Thursday, 14 July 2022

Noble Palace

Secret Chinese fine dining palace

Peking duck

Noble Palace has to be one of the lowest profile opening in London in recent history, with not much press coverage or dining reviews since it was launched in June 2022. The restaurant hasn't even got a website or newsletter, just a low-key Instagram page that is hardly active. You don't even know what you will be eating as there is no menu around online. We know that it is a fine-dining Chinese restaurant, with a real focus on Cantonese and Jing cuisine, and that fancy car likes to park at the front of the venue, but that's about it, with a sense of unknown behind it.

Peking duck with black truffle pancake

Seafood dim sum selection

Black pepper A5 wagyu

It all becomes more clear with you are inside, the restaurant has a few samples of tasting menus, which you can pick or ask your waiter to come up with something based on your preference in flavours and cooking method. The kitchen appears to be very flexible. On the day I allowed the manager to decide what we have. The signature Peking duck was roasted wonderfully and can rival the quality of Imperial Treasure. The skin was crispy with an oily sweet aftertaste, and the meat itself was tender and worked like a treat with the black truffle pancake. The Iberico char siu was another winner, I really enjoyed the burned honey on the edge while the meat was as moist as you can get, it had a very rich sweet, and savoury taste.

Iberico chair siu with honey

Pan seared black cod in sweet soy

Mango sago pudding

Noble Palace was an interesting discovery, the food wasn't creative or edgy at all. It was solid Chinese food cooked to a really refined level. Given it was open for just over a month, the quality of the output was surprisingly good. In the world of Chinese fine dining in London, I would rate Noble Palace to be near the same level as Imperial Tressure and China Tang, but it could well become somewhere truly special in the near future. Not many people are aware of this place right now, and I wonder would that stay long. 

Food 4/5

What I paid: 
£138 per head, with a glass of wine

Average cost without drinks and services:

Caxton St, London SW1H 0PY

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