Sunday, 15 August 2021

Park Chinois

Kingdom of dim sum 

Xiao long bao, har gau, shumai, crab puff

For me, having dim sum would forever be the most ideal choice for a brunch/ weekend lunch occasion. While I love full English breakfast or a Sunday roast, dim sum has a clear edge due to the diverse flavours and types you are able to taste, from steamed dumplings to baked puffs to rice rolls, every piece of dim sum is an art form when fallen into the right hand. Park Chinois' dim sum is easily the best in London, not just because they use a lot of luxury ingredients, that helps but the pastry craftsmanship from the kitchen is second to none, lead by chef Ming who is the head dim sum chef. For my 12th visit to Park Chinois, I went full-on dim sum mode and ordered a selection to share.  

Wagyu baos

Truffle and honey duck puffs

Seafood soup dumpling

The xiao long bao you see from Park Chinois would look similar to many other Chinese joints, but once you had a mouthful, you would instantly recognize how good it is if you have been eaten xiao long bao elsewhere. The pastry was as thin as it could be and the filling was a whirlpool of sweet and savoury flavour sensation. I found Park Chinois' steamed dim sums were especially outstanding, with classic items like har gau and scampi shumai. The braised beef rice noodles is a new item on the menu and gosh it was like a classic Cantonese wok fry beef noodles but on another level, the beef was packed with bold umami flavours from the five spices, and the noodles had such a lovely chewy texture that is extremely rare in London, easily the best beef noodles I have encountered in London.

Wagyu gaoyzas

Truffle and mushroom baos

Braised beef rice noodles

My dim sum lunch at Park Chinois was such a treat, I knew the dim sum game is strong and my recent visit has confirmed that once again. No other places and that is including venues such as Royal China and Imperial Treasure come close to Park Chinois' quality. I also found the price to be pretty fair with many items are around the £6 mark, which is not much higher than Chinatown's standard but you are getting top quality food within one of the most luxurious dining rooms in London. I will be back soon for sure.

Food 4.5/5

Average cost without drinks and services:


17 Berkeley St, Mayfair, London W1J 8EA

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